England: Premier League
3 - 4
(1 - 2)
G. Osho (25), E. Adebayo (49), R. Barkley (57)
Martinelli (20), G. Jesus (45), K. Havertz (60), D. Rice (90)
Hjalte Belmann

Fan-reaktioner: Luton - Arsenal

WOW sikke en kamp af Arsenal. Vi har kigget de mange reaktioner igennem fra fansene på klubbens sociale medier og her er et udpluk.

Arsenal fan-reaktioner

“Very entertaining game, astonishing last minute goal which won it for us, who had most of the play throughout. Some good chances missed, sloppy passing at times, but our quality shone through. Luton didn't play badly either, they played some good football at times”


“These are the kind of games that win titles. Super mentality to keep going till the end. Conceding three goals though slightly disappointing considering they’ve been solid at the back all season”


“What a battle, what a war!!! Most intriguing match of the season so far. Super proud of the team's performance, fighting spirit. Declan Rice saved the day against Manchester United and now Luton. Well-done Arsenal, what a great signing”


“Proud of this team. Declan Rice is the season's game changer. Odegard is unbelievable. Raya needs to wake up. He nearly cost Arsenal this match. Belief is domiciled in Arsenal now. The mentality is steel now, never gives up. Thank you Arteta, you are the right manager for Arsenal. We move”


“Super performance. But we should not conced 3 against Luton. Again really a good performance by Rice and his last minute winner goal”